Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Today in my life - women - facebook - and job search

Not to much activity at the moment still recovering from my recent return from a year long trip to South America. Will fill all in with a back story post later in the week. Well today was the day of excess facebook chat with some amigas in Peru. Still having girl problems when everything is so far from home. Latin girls rock and have fallen for one it will be interesting to see how this pans out in the future. I have also acquired a facebook stalker who insist that she is moving to Australia to marry me. This seems like a communication breakdown nothing happened when I was there and I am defiently not looking to bring you to Australia but no is not in her vocabulary of understanding you got to admire some peoples persistence to hang on to something that they know is not there. On the other hand I am still failing to come up results on the job front but have been lifted with a serge of ides and feel all things are good will also write more about my search for steady employment in Australia.

It would be interesting to here some stories about peoples odd womens trouble and the epic search for work and to better ones life.

Now to the world cup Australia took absolute thrashing from germany and desperately need to rebound against Ghana to stay alive. Also impressed by Chile tonight, i enjoy there attacking style and good to see Australia's neighbourr New Zealand get up for a win.

State of Origin game 2

The most punishing defeat I can remeber seeing in rugby league in some time. The score may not have been the most humilating defeat possible but the ability of Queensland to impose themselves on New South Wales was awesome. The game never looked open to the blues as they looked like a beaten pack of animals waiting to be put out of there misery by the final siren. I hope the next games proves to be a closer and more emotional contest.

The highlights of the match were the maroons dominance and the on field scuffles which provided the only sign of resitence from the blues.

Final score QLD 34 - NSW 6 better contest next time. Hoping for some rain